Albert Einstein

Biography: Albert Einstein was the most important physicist of the 1900's and one of the greatest and most famous scientists of all time.(worldbookonline, 1)His fame rose by being able to come up with theories that presented new ideas and solved fundamental problems for the mathematical and scientific communities.

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external image albert_einstein.jpg

Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Southern Germany. He and his sister, Maria were the only children of Hermann and Pauline Einstein. Shortly after Einstein was born though hos family moved to Munich, where he would first show signs of his intelligence. When he was five years old he found curiosity in the principles of how a compass works. Another sign of early intelligence was when he was twelve, Einstein taught himself geometry using the Euclidean geometry textbook.

At age nine, Einstein entered the Luitpold Gymnasium, a acclaimed secondary school in Munich. He dropped out at the age of fifteen though, because he disliked the strict discipline of the school. At that time he moved with his family to live in Pavia, Italy. After finishing high school he entered the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, where would go on to meet his first wife Mileva Maric, who was also a classmate at ETH. At the ETH Einstein often skipped class, relying on the notes of his fellow classmates.(worldbookonline, 2)When graduating Einsteins friend helped him get a job as a clerk in the Swiss Federal Patent Office in Bern. As a result he had to become a Swiss citizen and so he did in 1901.

Meanwhile Mileva and Einstein had their first kid together, Lierserl. After they married they would have more children together, Hans Albert in 1904 and Eduard in 1910. Einstein had the most productive years of his career from 1902 to 1909 while working at the patent office. Since he only reviewed patent applications, he was left with a lot of time to work on physics. In his spare time he was able to obtain a Ph.D. in physics, and write three of the most revolutionary papers in the history of science. Which I will explain below.

In 1909 Einstein became so famous that he was getting job offers at different colleges and work places. His first job was an associate professor of physics at the University of Zurich. From that point he bounced around different places and countries external image AlbertEinstein.jpg teaching jobs. Not all were teaching though at one point he had to leave Germany because Hitler was coming in, so he went and visited many countries including Asia, Spain, and South America. Through his travels Einstein also managed to visit America and later become a citizen. During his travels around 1919 Einstein divorced his wife and married his cousin Elsa Einstein, adopting her daughters Ilse and Margot.

external image Albert-Einstein.jpg In Einstein’s later years he had big contribution to the world of science and mathematics. He wrote a letter to convince President Roosevelt that the German scientists might be working on an atomic bomb. I will also tell you about this below. In his later days of his life Einstein would spend the rest of his time an American citizen, and a resident of Princeton, New Jersey. Albert Einstein would end up dying on April 18, 1955, as one of the most famous scientists of all time.

Accomplishments: While at the Swiss Federal Patent Office Einstein wrote three very important paper on theories he had. The first paper was on the photoelectric effect. This can be summarized by a beam of light can cause metal atoms to release electrons. In a photoelectric device, these freed electrons flow as current, so the device produces and electric current when light is shined on it. (worldbookonline, 2)Quantum mechanics which is what Einstein basically thought up, is the "foundation blocks" of modern physics. Einstein received the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics for this paper.

The second paper he made was published in May 1905, on Brownian Motion. Which i the irregular movement of external image einstein55.jpg particles suspended in a liquid or a gas. This paper was so famous because his analysis stimulated research on Brownian motion that produced the first experimental proof that atoms exist. Even though it didn't award him another Noble Prize it is still very highly regarded among scientists.

Another major thing that Einstein did was write a letter to President Roosevelt, warning him that German scientists may be in the middle of making nuclear bombs. Thanks to that letter America was able to start the Manhattan Project which created the world's first atomic bomb in 1945. Even after the Manhattan Project Einstein worked extremely hard to find a control on nuclear energy. Other major accomplishments include the special theory of relativity, general theory of relativity, and interchangeability of mass and energy.

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Major Concept: One of Einsteins famous scientific expressions is E= mc2. The equation says that a body's energy, E, equals the body's mass, m, times the speed of light, c, squared. This equation is used in many mass-to-energy conversions such as things to do with the solar systems and nuclear power plants. Many nuclear substances would not be available today if it weren't for Einstein and his equation.

Interesting Facts: There were two facts i thought were really cool. One was how he married his first cousin. I was pretty surprised when i saw that and thought it was a little weird. Another interesting fact was how Einstein played the violin from the time when he was six to thirteen years old. I wonder if he stuck with it even though he was a famous scientist.