Who is that Mathematician?

Project due dates:
· Tuesday, February 9 Turn in choices.
· Thursday, February 11 Receive assignment and work on project during math class.
· 8B – Wednesday, February 17 - Work on project during math class
· 8A – Thursday, February 18 - Work on project during math class
· Wednesday, February 24 - Your Wiki page on your mathematician's life and his/her work is due (100 points).
· Wednesday, February 24 - Oral reports will begin and any note cards that you would like to use must be turned in. We will be hearing six or seven per day, so they must be concise and well organized. (I have allotted 2 days of oral reports for 8B and 3 days for 8A.) The oral reports will be given in chronological order based on the number on your index card.
(50 points).

Your written project must include:
· Noodletools

· Notecards create notecards for your report
· Noodlebib
· At least three sources from at least two different media (book, textbook, technical journal, Internet, encyclopedia)
· Share your work with lvessey. Place it under your class.

· Wikispaces
· Create a page with information about the mathematician - this should be at least 10-12 good paragraphs in length.
· To include:
· A biography of the individual
· A summary of the mathematician's primary mathematical and scientific accomplishments
· A detailed explanation of one major mathematical concept the individual developed or improved on. Include at least one example of that concept.
· The piece of information about this mathematician that you found most interesting
· Remember: all quotes and ideas taken from other sources should be cited using inline citations
· The page will be graded on creativity and content.

Your oral project must include:
· Index cards with details on them (to be turned in on February 24th).

Sharing of your wiki page (NOT READ word for word)
· A summary of the mathematician's life
· A summary of his/her major mathematical and scientific accomplishments
· An explanation of the one major mathematical concept you focused on in the written report
· The fact you found most interesting